Luxury Goods & Manufacturing

Nagi Ventures has deep expertise in luxury goods including Diamond, Gold, other precious metals and traditional jewellery in Kundan. With these expertise, we diversified in providing affordable luxury gifts and goods to our global customers through our entities in the sector.

Nagi Diamond Jewellers (INDIA) & Nagi Jewellers (United Kingdom)

Nagi Diamond Jewellers ( IND ) and Nagi Jewellers ( UK ) have their experiences, initiated in 1935 as a design studio for jewellery art, , in the holy city of Amritsar.  

Five decades later these businesses evolved to design and cultivate splendid artefacts of kundan jewellery. These carefully crafted designs, displayed perfection in the art with every customised piece manufactured in this studio.

In continuation to the legacy - Nagi Diamond Jewellers designs are based on the principles of beauty, luxury and convenience. Our collection is an ensemble of Classic & Timeless simple designs, accompanied by Modern and Traditional Diamond Settings. The collection features Enlightenment, Enticement, Fascination and Lucidity series.

The same creative prowess and design cultivations have been carried out in UK though Nagi Jewellers, established three decades ago in London.

Exclusive Gifts & Souvenirs

At NV  - Exclusivity, Art and Luxury were synonymous as an extended activity to its traditional endeavour. We create and evolve exclusive artefacts for our global customers with a traditional bend.

NV creations are used as souvenirs, home decor and for exclusive gifting at various occasions. These are available through our portal or at our global brick and mortar showrooms.

Our creations have earned us the "Czars of North India" title by Times.


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