Financial Services

NVG Co has been actively investing in various businesses with efficient financial and investment astuteness. This has resulted into creating a sector within the group which can meet its growth objectives both organically and inorganically. The Financial Services sector of the group will use its expertise through our group companies to provide consulting and advisory services besides playing the role of acquiring projects and assets earmarked in its investment horizon.
The key areas of services include:
  • Investment Advisory & Funding
  • Real Estate Investment and Management

Besides owning our own properties at NV, we partner with extended global associates to continue our dream of providing a home-away-from-home, home-as-needed and commercial places to work from, in every continent, in an endeavour to learn and provide cultural astuteness in all our projects and businesses.

ZO Commercial Services LLC

ZO Commercial Services LLC ( ZOCS ) brings the expertise and additional bandwidth needed to successfully advise, implement and support our customers financial goals through key areas of operations:

  • Investment Advisory 
  • Real Estate Investment and Management
  • Joint Venture funds
  • Crowd-investing
  • Education

Nagi Properties

Nagi Properties is an investment and management company with portfolios in the North, South East of England and Canada. We partner with a network of property investors and realtors to enhance our real estate investments to serve local communities.

Our Principal activities include acquiring commercial and residential properties which have high yielding capabilities as an asset. This in turn facilitate commercial and residential requisites for our global communities.

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We help individuals and small corporates with their individual investment requirements by virtue of advising them on a road map for their independent goals.

Joint Venture

NV has a large network that includes many sources with the potential to provide both Debt Financing and Equity Capital for joint ventures


NV nurtures investment needs and opportunities through community engagement. We’re introducing a new approach to funding and investing, focused on making the whole experience easier, more engaging and accessible for all.


At NV we believe that financial understanding is very important for a successful life and career goals and these start at a very early formative age. It is equally important to home budget makers NV provides Financial Literacy to:
Kids : 6 -12 yrs
Teens : 13-19 yrs
Housewives / Homemakers
Retirees & Wealth Eroders.

Real Estate
Investment and Management

At NV - we continue to grow the dream of providing a home away from home (HAH) and/or providing home as needed ( HAN) to our globally extended families and friends. We have global properties which serve the purpose for providing short term and long term homes for families and individuals.

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