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All businesses need to get digitalised to survive in the new decade. Digitalisation requires transformation at 3 levels in any organisation, namely - people, processes and purpose - we call it the 3P's.  At SEESIM, we believe that to survive the modern world - the common fabric that weaves through all businesses is ever-evolving technology and automation to be quicker, faster and better. With this focus, SEESIM has invested in this sector to create essential technology related competencies.

SEESIM Digital Consulting

At SEESIM Digital Consulting - Technology forms core of our business for data assimilation which further help in intelligent decision-making, using modern technologies and processes. We provide technology and process consulting for Digitalisation through our highly customisable Model comprising of 4 pillars called TAPES:

    Modernization through digital technologies including Cloud Transformation and Modern Application development
    Roadmap for connecting systems to ease data exchange for your digitalization journey
  • PAMM (Process Automation Management and Mining  ) :
    Automate process workflows to assimilate data ingestion and transformation including process mining
    Managed Services and Support Models for Smart Usage of Data - supporting decision making at all levels
    Innovative Marketing and Change Management consulting for your post & pre-digitized world.

The global success rate of a digital transformation is sub 30% ( Various reports suggest, that,  such low ratios are due to poor planning and assimilation of the stage, that an organisation is, in its journey for this transformation. This is where we can add value with our processes, which help in determining the right parameters which in turn help suggesting the roadmap for the solutions and the transformation process.

We partner with our customers at every stage of their journey - be it a startup or the most matured organisation in various stages of their growth. We follow BGM (BUILD - GROW - MANAGE) process to determine the stages of your Digital Journey,  to provide relevant roadmaps and solutions comprising of technology, people and processes.

To help us serve our key customers - we partner with some of the most innovative names in the industry.



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