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Player safety takes a hit during NHL playoffs

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Zach Kassian of the Oilers almost decapitated Sharks defenceman Brenden Dillon right in front of an official and no penalty was called and no subsequent investigation from the league office either.

The Kassian Express later flew through the air to deliver a hit on San Jose forward Logan Couture that looked to me to be at least a two minute penalty for charging.

The commentator described it as “Big hit as he destroys Logan Couture!” I later read one report that described the hits as thunderous; another that described them as humungous. How about reckless and dangerous?

And then there was the hit by Flames forward Sam Bennett on Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa. Hey, I like Bieksa about as much as anyone in this city (ha ha), but Bennett could have caused some serious harm with what was a flagrant hit from behind. Again, nothing from the home office.

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I get that officials historically use their whistles less frequently in the playoffs but in an age where I was under the assumption the NHL was looking wholesale saints jerseys to provide better protection to its players, it seems to be looking the other way during the crazed first round of play.

That Korea trip would look a lot differently this week than it did when I was there two weeks ago. There’s nothing like an American naval armada chugging for your coastline and your immediate neighbour to the north talking about reducing your entire country to a smoking crater to put a damper on tourism.

My trip to Pyeongchang next February might be as a war correspondent, not a sports columnist. I don’t see how the situation over there does anything but get more and more tense in the lead up to the Winter Olympics. I covered the Salt Lake City Games in the aftermath of 9/11 and this is already starting to look a lot like that.

But never mind those trivialities there’s playoff hockey to be dissected, right? Marx called religion the opiate of the masses; in Canada, it’s hockey. This entire country not to mention the NHL’s department of player safety has gone brain dead with five Canadian teams in the dance right now. And if the NHL’s head office doesn’t send out a stern message soon, there’s going to be a couple of players joining the list of flat liners.

I love rough and tumble hockey as much as the next guy but left unchecked, this stuff just escalates in the pressure cooker of playoff hockey. The line of what is considered acceptable keeps moving backwards every time the player safety guys look the other way at some of these attempted decapitations.

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We’re going to be back to the 1950’s and Rocket Richard head hunting on every shift by the third round if the grownups don’t step in soon and send a message.

I agree on the rough and tumble but when Cheap hockey Jerseys it gets to the point where it resembles all out war on ice, it does nothing for me anymore. Tuesday night, Leon Draisaitl of the Oilers speared Chris Tierney of the Sharks in the, um crotch. What kind of stupid does it take to do that? I just read Draisaitl has a hearing with the league, so there you have it the player safety department is actually on the job. let see if they on the ball.

Perhaps the league will never do anything substantive about this problem as long as fans continue to enable the problem fans here went nuts when Patrik Laine was nailed by Brian McCabe; they went nuts when Evgeni Malkin hit Blake Wheeler; but they also went nuts when Dustin Byfuglien nearly killed Mark Stone.

So, it seems to me it all good as long as it our guy inflicting the pain.

The best treatment for a speared groin isn’t an MRI it’s the same frozen bag of peas you get after a vasectomy. But if you’re an NHLer or CFLer in this town, you might as well get one anyway. I hear they’re practically giving them away in this town provided you know someone. The rest of us? See you in 24 27 weeks.

I wish you hadn said that I love frozen peas.

Don want to belabor or rehash too much of what you had to say in your column today on the MRI can we call it a scandal? but what did surprise me was the number of people who commented on our website that they were angry with you for picking on our Jets. Apparently quite a few folks are just fine with Jets players jumping the queue.

I know you are not a huge fan of PGA golf these days, but I also know one thing you do enjoy each spring is lying on your couch and watching the Masters you were in Korea that weekend, did you get to wholesale buccaneers jerseys see any of it?

I seen many a Sergio Garcia meltdown on a Sunday afternoon over the years and twice it looked like El Nino was going to fold his tent again this year first when he snap hooked his driver into the tre

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